About us

Over 20 years of experience

Over 100 employees

Over 100000 unique items per year

Over 1000000 elements per year

The Area of activities

We maintain long-lasting business relationships with dozens of companies from various industries and countries around the world. At present, most of the production goes to foreign markets - mainly Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland. Our products also go to the United States of America, as well as Canada. Each week we send abroad around 20 trucks of self-manufactured elements.

They may be used, among others, in the food, packaging, chemical, pharmaceutical, atomic and wind energy industries. They play an important role in robotics and in manufacturing proces automation.

Due to the complexity and quality of the services provided, we implement the needs of our clients creating the foundation for long-term cooperation.


We are constantly trying to improve

We keep track of the latest technological solutions in our industry. We place great emphasis on the automation of production and logistics processes. We are expanding and modernizing our machine park, production halls and warehouses. We care about our team.

Thanks to this, we are constantly developing our competence while simultaneously increasing production capacity.

Services of the highest quality

We have extensive experience in production of very complex steel components and structures.

Our welding constructions meet stringent quality requirements, which is confirmed by, among others, our ISO 3834-2 certification.

Our products undergo quality checks in two measuring chambers equipped with high-quality measurement devices.

We use the most modern computer systems supporting design – Solid Works, Inventor, Solid Edge 20, AutoCad, Radbend and Radan.


Sample projects

  • complex implementation of production lines
  • internal transport systems (roller, chain, belt and band conveyors)
  • weighing constructions (bult, inrun, weighbridge, weight packer)
  • industrial machines and constructions
  • tunel furnaces
  • frames, platforms, palisades
  • different types of platforms and its elements
  • tanks and technological installations
  • machine safety systems