Laser cutting

We own a modern fiber laser. In order to execute orders comprehensively Pilmasz also benefits from cooperation services in waterjet, plasma and oxygen cutting.

Maximum cutting format 2000x6000 mm

  • Black steel 40 mm
  • Stainless steel 30 mm
  • Aluminum 25 mm
  • Copper 10 mm
  • Brass 10 mm

Fiber laser cutting enables

  • getting very high quality edges, accuracy - 0,1mm
  • repeatability of elements reaching nearly 100% accuracy
  • high speed of the cutting process
  • the possibility of cutting holes with a diameter smaller than the thickness of the sheet
  • cost reduction due to the system which optimises elements arrangement

Waterjet cutting enables

  • high level of accuracy - expensive cutting becomes unnecessary
  • high cutting speeds while maintaining very good edge quality
  • cold cutting - excludes the formation of warmed-up zones within the material, trouble-free processing of hardened materials and no material tension
  • burr-free cutting edges - for the majority of applications, no further processing of the cutting edge is necessary
  • no deformation or metallurgical change of the material due to thermal reasons
  • more safety for the user and the environment - no fumes or dust from the material are produced; no need for expensive coolants
  • small cutting channel width
  • optimal use of material due to CAD/CAM software
  • no hardening along the cutting Edge
  • no chips in brittle, delicate material with proper processing