About us

Pilmasz started its activity in 1997.
Currently, our team has around 100 employees and maintains long-lasting business relationships with dozens of companies from various industries and countries around the world.
At present, most of the production goes to foreign markets - mainly Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.
Due to the complexity and quality of the services provided (confirmed by, among others, the ISO 3834-2 certificate), we implement the needs of our clients by creating the foundation for long-term cooperation.
We provide comprehensive services in the field of:
  - Welding (mig / mag, TIG, welding robot)
  - CNC mechanical machining,
  - CNC machining of metal sheets and profiles,
  - Laser cutting of sheets and profiles
  - Surface treatment (including painting, galvanizing, etching, anodising)
  - Assembly of ready devices
We employ:
- Constructors
- Technologists
- Quality controllers
- Logisticians
- CNC machines operators
- Welders
- Ironworkers
We use the most modern computer systems supporting design - Solid Works, Inventor, Solid Edge 20 and AutoCad.
Our products undergo quality checks in two measuring chambers equipped with high-quality measurement devices.
Sample projects:
- complex implementation of production lines,
- internal transport systems (roller, chain, belt and band conveyors),
- weighing constructions (bult, inrun, weighbridge, weight packer)
- industrial constructions and machines,
- tunnel furnaces,
- frames, platforms, palisades
- different types of platforms and its elements
- tanks and technological installations
- machine safety systems