Welding Robot

We have the most modern robotic welding station with the fastest MIG / MAG / TIG welding robot in the world. This assures the repeatability and welding quality at the top level.

Main features:

  • new mechanics enabling extremely fast idle robot movements up to 180 m / min
  • new, almost spatter-free SP - MAG welding method
  • the ability to change the method during welding
  • Hyper Dip Puls - a variety of pulse arc that allows high welding speeds, deep penetration and gives welds without undercuts
  • ARC LiftStart function - spatter-free ignition
  • ARC LiftEnd function to avoid the formation of crater in the joint
  • the ability to monitor the welding process and welding incompatibilities taking place at three levels: monitoring, archiving, recording
  • the ability to program the robot offline
  • very fast collision detection located on the robot arm, supporting anti-collision connectors